Electrical box

With the self-designed and molded, we manufacture domestic unique electrical box. in pursuit of high quality from inside to outside:

A Pretty appearance and surface marked with “OBLT” steel seal;
B. Moderate specification: 260mm*124mm;
C. Applicable power range: 40WĄ«300W ballast resistor (with aluminum shell or bare plate);
D Wall thickness: 2.5mm, the wall thickness of general eletrical box is 1.8mm only.

E. Materials: the high-strength aluminum die casting shell, external electrostatic thermoplastic spray painting.

Connecting rod

The connecting rod produced with self-designed and molded enables the connection between the lamps and light sources pretty firm, so as to prevent the damage to light sources caused by corrosion. Lead is safety and doesn’t appear, making the appearance more fine beautiful.