The effect of Nanjing LED
2012-4-23 10:17:27
In August, 2010, Nanjing made the first large-scale pilot in Liberation Road by repacing HPS with LED. According to the price of the time, one LED street light¡¯s price is 6000RMB(900USD), and one normal HPS is within 2000RMB(300USD). Even LED was more expensive than HPS, but considered the high energy-saving and efficiency of LED, the government tried. In three kilometre road, totally installed 170pcs LED street light. After more than one year, the effect is unsatisfactory.
Liu lei, the vice chief engineer of street light administration office of Nanjing, said the estimated life of LED street light is more than 5 years, but actually, all drivers of the light had been replaced within 2 years. Bad stability, expensive and high maintenance fee. People also found that LED as street light, it¡¯s efficiency and energy saving result is so so.
At the moment, the technology of big power LED needs further perfection.